Published: April 23, 2019

Dear Pendulum Friends, As most of you know, comp faculty chair  Daniel Kellogg has been named the new president of Young Concert Artists in NYC, we are leaving CU after fourteen exciting years.  It's been an incredible honor to have presented around 500 projects in that time- the majority being student premieres.

Pendulum is a lot of things- diverse aesthetics, excellence, communications.  At the core, it’s about building relationships and collaborations that continue beyond boundaries.

As Dan Kellogg and I head off to New York, we savor our memories with you, with the comp faculty/performing faculty, the Pendulum committee, the College administration and staff, the finance office, the concert office, the advancement team, Dustin/Kevin, Clay and Max my "two right-hands", David, Jack, with all our composers who not only work hard on their wonderful music but also work together on the reception team/stage team/greeting team, and with our generous donors who have been such friends to our students. It takes a village to grow something as beautiful as Pendulum, and I can't wait to see it continue to blossom in the coming years!  I will continue to both perform and attend performances in CO, so please stay in touch: