Published: March 9, 2019

Boulder Altitude Directive
7:30 PM, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Carter Pann, director
student premieres and guest composer Sarah Kirkland Snider (in attendance)
Grusin Concert Hall, Imig Music Building
​Livestream here

Pendulum New Music
7:30 PM, Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Grusin Concert Hall, Imig Music Building

with works by Conor Abbott Brown, Chase Church, Logan Dougherty, Jack Gaffney, Joseph Schwantner, Jeff Widenhofer

featuring Donald McKinney and the CU Wind Symphony, Daniel Silver Clarinet Studio, Ajax Quartet, & other chamber groups


Sean Winters is doing a collaborative audiovisual set with Angie Eng at Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival.
March 15th, 7 p.m., free admission

Voice faculty John Seesholtz performs Jeff Nytch's song cycle “Silences” on the March 19 Faculty Tuesday. 7:30pm, Grusin. "If anyone is interested in hearing what a piece that you’ve been working on for 25 years sounds like, this is your chance! :)"

Jeff Nytch's “Thank you letter to my lungs” will receive its premiere as part of Ars Nova's "Shared Visions" concert! April 26, 7:30pm, Bethany Lutheran (Cherry Hills Village), and April 26, 7:30pm, St. John’s Episcopal (Boulder).