Published: Oct. 9, 2018

We invite you to an exciting three days with "loadbang" from New York during their Guest Artist Residency at CU.

William Lang, trombone; Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet; Jeffrey Gavett, baritone voice; Andy Kozar, trumpet.

Public Events:

WED 10/17/18 7:30 concert in Grusin: 'old fires catch old buildings'

Pendulum New Music presents loadbang in a cutting edge program showing a broad range of responses to loadbang's unique instrumentation, full of timbral invention, blending the sounds of the voice and instruments together to astounding effect. Recent works by Taylor Brook, Heather Stebbins, Paula Matthusen, Anne Hege, Eve Beglarian, Mark Applebaum, played by loadbang “...with an irreverent, rough-edged, yet oddly cultivated style” (The New Yorker).

THU 10/18/18 5-8pm CU Composers Reading in Chamber Hall

Additional Events for Friends of Pendulum and Students (please contact Hsing-ay if you would like to attend)

Tuesday, October 16th

3:30-4:30 Andy gives trumpet masterclass. Location TBD, hosted by Prof. Justin Bartels

3-5:30pm Individual coaching on notation/style

6-8pm Students/Alum Evening Social at the Dark Horse Bar

Wednesday, October 17th

2-3:30 Comp Seminar in C191; hosted by Prof. Michael Theodore

5-6:30 Entrepeneurship Center for Music Career Launchpad in C113 (hosted by Hsing-ay Hsu) on the Business of Running an Ensemble; pizza

7:30-9pm concert in Grusin: 'old fires catch old buildings'

Thursday, October 17th 

10:30-12:00 William gives trombone masterclass in  C-199 Chamber Hall, hosted by Prof. Bill Stanley 

12:05-1:45 lunch with students

5-8pm composers reading in Chamber Hall (& snacks in C113)