The Pandemic Response Office at CU Boulder was established to help with the campus transition from COVID-19 emergency response to ongoing operations. As of September 2021, the management of non-medical public health matters shifted to the Public Health Office within Health and Wellness Services. 

The office has authority over campus public health decisions as well as campus policies and guidance related to infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. The office supports infection control, disease prevention and coordination of efforts related to infectious diseases on campus and within the community. The Public Health Office works closely with Medical Services on all medical aspects of public health. 

The work of the Pandemic Response Office helped the campus increase collaboration among divisions and units across the university and establish processes for effective ongoing management of COVID-19 prevention, response and mitigation. This work created a foundation for how CU Boulder will operate now and in the future as it relates to infectious disease.

If you have an inquiry intended for the Pandemic Response Office, please email: