globeTo address the horrific upsurge in killings of activists worldwide (for example, Wayne Lotter, the anti-poaching leader in Africa, was ambushed and killed ), Arden Buck wants to research the patterns of killings and put together a guide for avoiding being assassinated, to be used by environmental and human rights activists as well as journalists. 

This guide would follow the general organization of a guide Buck previously organized for communities threatened by large mining companies (see the guide here), using input from experts in the field, and include:

  • Overview of killings - who is most at risk and how killing might happen
  • Specific strategies and tactics to minimize that risk
  • Special region-specific and activity-specific measures

Organizations like Amnesty International are taking steps to respond to this issue, but it would be the first (to Buck’s knowledge) guide created for the issue.
Buck is looking for someone interested in doing research, as this project requires a lot of research: Internet searches and contact with individuals and activist organizations around the world. Buck is looking for someone to partner with and brainstorm with, to do this work and get the guide put together quickly, since the need is so urgent.  Like the mining guide, it would be translated into other languages and made available to organizations large and small through the Internet, as well as hard copy.

This is an unpaid research opportunity that would pair wonderfully with a thesis project, research project or paper, or personal interest and resume content. If interested, email Arden Buck at