Global Zero is recruiting top young activists across the country for our year-long activist fellowship, Action Corps, and seeking applications from students at CU-Boulder.

Recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Global Zero is backed by an international community of leaders and experts, and powered by the creativity and passion of young people who understand that nuclear weapons have no place in the 21st century. We use grassroots power and cutting edge policy to mobilize communities across the globe to get us to zero.

Action Corps leaders are at the forefront of the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons: spearheading the campaign in their city or campus, directing outreach in their communities, and leading as the face of a vision for a world without nukes. Action Corps leaders are mentored by Global Zero staff and world-renowned visionaries like General James Cartwright and William Perry as they learn about international policy, work with local and national media, lobby elected officials, gain leadership and campaign skills, and build their own Global Zero chapter to organize against the nuclear threat.

If you are interested, please complete the application form linked here.

Questions? Contact us at

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