Since the Boettcher Foundation provided critical seed-funding in 2010, PACE has enabled 354 of CU Boulder's undergraduates to engage their professional communities in local, national and global contexts while driving innovations that address the humanitarian and technological challenges of the 21st century.

As students present and exhibit their work in locations around the world, students not only connect with leaders from the public and private sectors, they move conversations forward—and in new directions. With strong evidence of meaningful learning outcomes in disciplinary knowledge and transferrable skills, PACE supports high-impact practices that enable transformative growth while advancing humankind in all its scientific and creative endeavors. 


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Support students participating in academic and professional conferences.

Historic Data

PACE began issuing awards in 2011, and student demand has been steadily rising.  Though the pandemic restricted travel and limited academic and professional events for a few years, students participated in events virtually and are quickly returning to travel with restrictions easing.

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