Published: May 23, 2019

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Benjamin Nault   


Benjamin Nault - PAC officer

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences.

His research focuses on atmospheric chemistry and pollution in large cities.

Benjamin joined PAC to assist in creating and planning activities that would create a community for post docs in Boulder and to be a voice for post docs about their concerns during their stay in Boulder.

 Hélène Devillez


Hélène Devillez - Webmaster

Department: Psychology and Neurosciences.

Hélène is a French postdoctoral researcher who focuses on high-level and low-level information influences on attention during visual tasks, by collecting behavioral data as well as recorded eye-movement and EEG data. See her website for more information about her research.

She was the PAC webmaster and she is happy to share her experience and skills at the service of the postdoc community

Josh Slocum



Department: JILA

Pascal Merz

Treasurer and Social Butterfly  pascal merz

Department: Chemical and Biochemical engineering

Pascal research focuses on the Development of GROMACS to improve robustness, functionality, and usability.

Raquel Salvador



Department: MCDB

She studies the biology of the Endoplasmic Reticulum and contacts with other organelles in the cell. 

Raquel really likes microscopes but she likes even more enjoying the outdoors and meeting people from all over the world.

She is excited to build a great international postdoc community in Boulder.   Twitter: @RaquelSG


Brian Aguado Project Bridge Representative          


Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering, Anseth Research Group

Education: PhD, MS in Biomedical Engineering (Northwestern), BS in Biomechanical Engineering (Stanford)

Twitter: @BrianAguado

Brian is a biomedical engineer focused on developing novel implantable materials for a variety of applications, including tissue regeneration and cancer detection. As president of the PAC, he hopes to unify the postdoctoral community on campus through hosting networking, social, and advocacy events. 

Heidi Culver

Advisory Committee

heidi culver

Department: Chemical and Biochemical engineering, Bowman Lab

Stefano Maffei 

Advisory Committee

Stefano Maffei

Department: DUANE Physics. His research focuses on understanding the dynamics taking place in the outer core of the Earth and on the use of geomagnetic observations as a tool to probe the deepest regions of our planet.

As a PAC member, Stefano aims at fostering communication between postdocs and researchers at CU and helping consolidate a sense of belonging and identity for postdocs on campus.

Evan Pratt   

Advisory Committee


Department: Amy Palmer's lab at the BioFrontiers Institute

Past (and beloved) members:

Gil Porat, Bhala Rao, Tess Eidem, Kristin Moore, Emilie Royer