Off-campus Postdoc Seminar Series

A series of seminars given by Postdocs with the purpose of presenting the exciting science being studied at CU in an informal environment.

This event will took place on the 6th of August at the Rayback Collective (2775 Valmont Rd, Boulder). In honor of the solar eclipse we hosted 2 short talks on two related topics:

What is an eclipse and how to watch it safely

by Dr Emilie Royer (LASP - CU Boulder)

A magnetic dance of Earth and Moon

by Dr Stefano Maffei (Physics - CU Boulder)

A number of eclipse glasses, generously offered by the Astronomy magazine and the Eclipse Megamovie Project, were given out after and during the event. After the talks, everybody enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the Rayback Collective while networking with fellow Postdocs.