Students doing yoga with Michele Simpson

Students doing yoga, led by Professor Michele Simpson

Gentle Yoga with Michele Simpson: This yoga session is suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Expect a practice that is meditative, fluid, and relaxing. You will experience slow movement to warm the body and release muscular tension; breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, and simple shapes to build stability and strength.

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Math instructor Bernard Gillett often leads hikes for PAC RAP students into the mountains surrounding campus.  Popular destinations include lakes and summits in Rocky Mountain National Park, James Peak Wilderness Area, and Arapahoe National Forest. 

During move-in and welcome week join us for a hike in Chatauqua -- August 23!  More information to come.

Meditation can bring you a relaxed, contented awareness that makes every moment of your life more fulfilling and pleasurable. PAC RAP offers personally guided meditation sessions, with music and instruction, offered regularly by Prof. Comstock. Everyone is welcome.

Join Professors Norcross and Anderman for a casual conversation and tea. We'll have a weekly bake off too -- you get to pick whose homemade baked goods deserve the prize!