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Two female students talking
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RAP students must take at least one course in the RAP each semester. You may take a second RAP class if there is space available. Check out the Courses Offered to see what's available and to get the sign up form.

What students are saying about their PAC RAP Classes: 

“I love how she connected real world problems to the things we were reading about. And she didn't shy away from talking about taboo things that we as young adults are dealing with each day.”

"I absolutely loved this class. My favorite aspect of this class would have to be the laid back and very comfortable class set up which was really conducive for classroom conversation and debate."

"This course was by far my favorite during my freshman year at CU. The professor was always excited and ready to teach. She was able to teach in a way that got the whole class involved and made me excited for class every day."

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Gen Ed Requirement Courses: 

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  • ANTH 1150: Regional Cultures of Africa
  • ECON 2010: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ETHN 2014: The Politics & Poetry of Black Womens's Hair
  • FARR 1562: Gandhi's "Satyagraha": Love in Action for Humans and Other Creatures
  • PSCI 2223: Introduction to International Relations
  • SOCY 1001: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCY 2091: Special Topics: Sociology of Horror

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  • ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 1500: Murder Mystery in British Literature
  • HIST 1028: Introduction to Modern Latin American History since 1800
  • HUMN 1110: Introduction to Humanities: Literature 1
  • MUEL 2852: Music of the Rock Era
  • PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1160: Bioethics
  • PHIL 2800: Ethical Puzzles & Moral Conflicts
  • RLST 2800: "Goddess: The Define Feminine" 
  • THTR 1003: Theater and Society
  • THTR 1009: Introduction to Acting

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  • MATH 1212: Data and Models
  • WRTG 1150: 1st Year Writing/Rhetoric