Welcome to the Philosophy Arts and Culture RAP in Stearns West!

Join our community if you are eager to discuss BIG questions in a residence hall with BIG views. 

What is happiness? What is the role of the media? How has COVID changed education? What makes for a good life?
What is the value of a college degree? How can we address climate change? What makes us human? 
The list goes on and on.... Get ready to add your own!

You will live with students and take at least one-class a semester with our dedicated faculty.  Our classes are capped at 15 students and fill the University’s general education requirements.  Select from a list that includes sociology, history, mathematics, women and gender studies, philosophy, world religions, music, and theater.  Our courses are especially useful for students considering careers in law, education, or the humanities, as well as students wanting a broad-based foundation to support whatever they decide to do.

The PAC RAP community also provides enhanced academic and personal support for its students. Small classes with faculty that hold office hours in the residence hall allow students greater interaction with our award-winning teachers. We also hold regular workshops that help students succeed in their transition to college by sharing strategies and tips on academic skills and stress management, and by connecting students to the wide array of services on campus that support our students’ academic, physical, and mental well-being.

There is $425 non-refundable fee per academic year in addition to normal room-and-board charges.

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