Lydia Wagenknecht
Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2021-22

Lydia Wagenknecht is a PhD pre-candidate in ethnomusicology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research interests include German-Chilean musical interactions in the 20th century through the present. She is also interested in vocalities present in video and music streaming platforms. Most recently, her paper on destabilized voice in Luis Advis’ "Cantata Santa María de Iquique" was awarded the Joann W. Kealiinohomoku Award for Excellence for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Music Scholars’ Conference. At CU Boulder, Wagenknecht has served as a Center for Teaching and Learning Lead Graduate Instructor for the College of Music, providing professional development opportunities and feedback for music graduate students in instructional roles. She is also president of the Graduate Musicology Society, which promotes creative activities, performance, research, and scholarship in the Boulder community. Wagenknecht graduated magna cum laude from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2017 with a B.A. in Wide-Range Music Education (Choral/General Music).