Dawn Jacob
Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2021-22

Dawn Jacob is a third year doctoral student in the Philosophy Department at CU Boulder, where she studies ancient Greek philosophy with a focus on ethics. She is primarily interested in understanding the place of pleasure, desire, and knowledge in the virtuous and happy human life, and she finds that ancient thought provides a point of view that is fascinatingly both familiar and strange. Before coming to graduate school, Dawn worked in private-sector educational companies, developing products and services for various age groups. She has also worked directly with young students, most recently as a volunteer with the nonprofit Reading Partners program. Dawn considers teaching philosophy - enabling students to approach seemingly intractable questions about the human experience in a curious and rigorous manner - one of the great privileges of academia. However, she considers it a great misfortune that most students do not encounter philosophy until a college course in the subject. Dawn hopes to bring together her experience in the educational industry, her understanding of philosophy, and her love of teaching in ways that make philosophical activity more accessible to and valued by those outside the college classroom.