Amanda Rose
Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2019–20
Theatre and Dance

Amanda Rose Villarreal is a third-year Devaney Fellow pursuing her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies. She studies the intersection of immersive theatre and applied theatre, with a focus on consent and agency. Villarreal has spent 12 years creating immersive performances that hinge upon crafting interactive experiences that invite audience participants to engage with the performance in various ways, impacting the storyline along with the performers. She has used immersive theatre to teach police officers, formerly incarcerated individuals, educational administrators and others to use empathy, communication, and de-escalation techniques. She is currently interested in using the consent and intimacy practices from immersive theatre to create safer spaces for young and early career performers; she co-founded the Rocky Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance for this purpose. She hopes to saturate Colorado’s performance community with best practices regarding consent and intimacy choreography, and to continue using performance to facilitate dialogue within communities.