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Bert Nieslanik has been a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado for 32 years. After a long tour of duty as a public defender, she spent some time in private practice on the Western Slope and then served as Deputy Director of Alternate Defense Counsel, a statewide indigent defense agency that handles conflict cases. 
Nieslanik is a homegrown Colorado native. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School and has lived and breathed criminal defense work in every corner of the state. She was the 1993 winner of the Jonathan Olam Award, the most prestigious criminal defense award in Colorado. Over the years, Nieslanik has trained younger lawyers in all aspects of trial work and has inspired her fellow criminal defense lawyers to be better storytellers – the only thing that truly matters. She and her partner are ardent conservationists, building a new totally off-grid house on a 1,800-acre conservation easement in western Colorado called Ladder Canyon Ranch.