All international students must be on campus by January 10, 2018. Undergraduates will attend International Undergraduate Orientation (IUO) from January 10-12. Graduate students are required to attend ISSS Orientation on January 11 at 1:30 p.m. in Cristol Chemistry Building, Room 142.

The Denver International Airport is the closest international airport to Boulder, we suggest you fly into there. The University of Colorado does not offer a shuttle service from the airport, so it is your responsibility to decide how you will get to Boulder. Here are a few popular options:

The bus service to and from DIA is called the SkyRide. All buses leave from Level 5, Island 5, outside Door 506 at Terminal West and outside Door 511 at Terminal East. The SkyRide bus from DIA to Boulder is Route AB. You can check departure times for each route at Island 5 in the shelter at either Terminal East or Terminal West OR at the SkyRide counter in DIA located on the west side in the Ground Transportation area Level 5, outside Door 506. Exact fare is required on boarding the bus or you can buy a ticket from the SkyRide counter. As of this writing, the fare is $13 and NO TIP for public transportation and estimated travel time is two hours.

The Green Ride is targeted transportation from DIA airport to Boulder and its nearby suburbs. This is likely the option with the least amount of stops for you. Verify your price at Green Ride Colorado but door-to-door service is around $36. Cash and major credit cards are accepted, please plan to tip the driver $3-$5 in addition to the fare. You need to have a ticket before you can board a van, but you do not need to make a reservation. Find them at ground transportation when you are at Denver International Airport, they have a booth located inside the Terminal on Level 5 to assist you and provide ticketing.

Boulder Super Shuttle provides van service from DIA to CU Boulder for a fee of $33. Cash and major credit cards are accepted, please plan to tip the driver $3-$5 in addition to the fare. Door-to-door service is also provided throughout most of Boulder County. You need to have a ticket before you can board a van, but you do not need to make a reservation. To get a ticket, check-in at the Boulder Super Shuttle ticket counter, Level 5, near baggage claim in the main terminal. A counter service agent will issue you a ticket and direct you to the correct loading area. Find more information, contact Boulder Super Shuttle.

Yellow Cab taxis are a convenient but expensive way to get to Boulder. If you arrive when the buses and shuttles are not running, you may decide to take a taxi. Of course, taxi fares are calculated with the use of a meter, which is “activated” by the driver. From DIA to Boulder, you can expect to pay a flat rate of $88.15 plus additional charges for things like oversized or too much luggage and toll charges. Then you will have to add a tip, usually it is about 10% of the total cost. You can find a taxi in the transportation area across from the baggage claim area outside the airport. Call (303) 777-7777 if you are unable to find a taxi outside the airport. For more information, visit the Yellow Cab Taxi Service website.

 Moving to Boulder from within the U.S.

For driving directions to Boulder, visit Google Maps and enter your current location.

If you need to move your items from one home in the U.S. to Boulder and have a lot of items to move, there are many moving companies that can help you out. While ISSS does not recommend a particular service, you should check out moving companies for basic information, then call each potential mover and speak to a customer service professional. You should ask about insurance (for breakage and loss in transit) and the company's experience in moving to your area. 


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