Published: July 7, 2022
resume and computer

While searching for jobs or internships can feel challenging, there are strategies to make it easier. If your student is looking for a job or internship, here are some tips to help them in their search.

Search more efficiently

Setting up saved searches on employment platforms can be a huge help with finding opportunities. For example, if your student sets up a saved search in Handshake, they will get emails when a new opportunity is added that meets their search criteria. This way, they won’t have to check Handshake daily or re-enter their search parameters each time. Many company employment pages and LinkedIn offer similar search capabilities.

If your student doesn’t have a Handshake account set up yet, encourage them to complete their profile.

Get organized

When your student finds a job posting that interests them, they’ll want to act quickly. They can create a template resume with all of their experience, skills and accomplishments. This core document can be their starting point as they tailor their experience and examples for each job application. This can help your student save time and focus more on adapting their resume and cover letter rather than starting from scratch each time. Career Services has tips for writing resumes, and your student can use VMock to get instant feedback to improve their resume.

Once your student submits a job application, they can start getting prepared to interview. A great way to prepare for an interview is to consider commonly asked questions and practice answers. Encourage your student to write out their responses, and practice out loud with a friend or career development advisor who will provide helpful feedback. They can also use the online tool InterviewStream to practice and prepare for interviews. Knowing how to confidently talk about themselves and their work experience can set them apart from other candidates.

And like their resume, your student’s LinkedIn profile will need to tell their professional story. 84% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates, and your student will want to make sure their profile is complete and accurate. Suggest that they think about each component of their profile and highlight their strengths. Share these tips with your student to help them optimize their LinkedIn profile.

Connect with others

Even if your student feels like they don’t have a professional network yet, they are already part of the Buff community. Whether your student wants to work at a particular company or break into a certain field, the network of CU alumni can help. Encourage your student to join the Forever Buffs Network to start making connections.

Family members, friends, professors and supervisors are people who can be great resources for help with your student’s search. Encourage your student to reach out and share what they are looking for and how a connection may be helpful. Whether someone is available for proofreading or can connect your student to a hiring manager with a great opportunity, it never hurts to ask.­

Your student can also find career events, workshops, panels, fairs and other opportunities to connect with others on Handshake. Many of these events are being held virtually and from companies around the globe.

As always, career development advisors are here to help your student in their search. Learn more about getting started with Career Services.