Published: June 24, 2020

cu book storeThe CU Book Store is your student’s one-stop resource for all course material needs, plus a convenient place for school supplies, computer products, Buff gear and more! Below is helpful information on textbooks and course materials from the CU Book Store.

Place a textbook order online

Your student can order textbooks and course materials now without having registered for courses. It’s fast, easy and convenient! All they need is their IdentiKey to place a pre-order. The CU Book Store can look up what your student will need after they register for classes.

When placing a pre-order, your student can choose between rental, used or new books and can bill them to the tuition and fee bill. Your student will receive an email when their books are ready for pick-up the weekend before classes start.

Renting textbooks is a cost-effective option. You can highlight and make notes in rental books and if you decide to keep it, no problem! Textbooks can be purchased at the end of the term for the difference between the rental and retail prices - no additional fees. Please make sure to return your rental books on time to avoid extra costs. 

Your student will receive an email when their books are ready for pick-up the weekend before classes start or they can be shipped to the location of your choice. All orders of $49 or more will receive free shipping through 9/30/20.

Textbooks and Course Materials Come in Many Formats

Day 1 Digital Access, rental books, digital materials, open educational resources and more. Learn more about each of these formats and how they are delivered and billed.

Bill Textbooks to Tuition and Fee Bill

Students may charge their textbooks, course materials, school supplies and technology accessory purchases (up to $1,500 per semester) to their tuition and fee bill. Learn more about how to bill textbooks here.

For more information, please view the New Student Information Video & Booklet and check out the CU Book Store's Textbook FAQs. If you have any further questions or need help, you can contact the CU Book Store by phone at 303-492-7089, email or live chat.