The following are examples of courses taught by photonics and quantum engineering faculty. For the most up-to-date information on courses that will be offered in upcoming semesters, please access the department's course planning spreadsheet

Undergraduate Courses

ECEN 3320 Semiconductor Devices
ECEN 4106 Photonics
ECEN 4375 Microstructures Laboratory
ECEN 4555 Energy Systems & Devices
ECEN 4606 Undergraduate Optics Lab
ECEN 4616 Optoelectronic System Design
ECEN 4645 Introduction to Optical Electronics 
PHYS 1230 Light and Color
PHYS 3340 Introductory Research in Optical Physics
PHYS 4510 Optics

Core Optics Graduate Courses

ECEN 5156 Physical Optics
ECEN 5616 Optoelectronic System Design
ECEN 5645 Introduction to Optical Electronics
ECEN 5696 Fourier Optics/Holography 

Core Nanostructures Graduate Courses

ECEN 5016 Quantum Mechanics
ECEN 5345 Introduction to Solid State
ECEN 5355 Principles of Electronic Devices
ECEN 5555 Principles of Energy Systems & Devices

Elective Graduate Courses

ECEN 5005 Special Topics: Organic Electronics
ECEN 5031 Special Topics: Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems
ECEN 6005 Special Topics: Solar Energy Conversion
ECEN 6006 Numerical Methods in Photonics
ECEN 5166 Guided Wave Optics
ECEN 5375 Microstructures Laboratory
ECEN 5606 Advanced Optics Laboratory
ECEN 5626 Active Optical Devices
ECEN 5686 Optical Communications Systems
ECEN 6365 Semiconductor Materials and Devices II *
PHYS 5160 Laser Physics

* Not offered every semester.

Special topics courses are offered in the subject areas of Quantum Mechanics, Non-linear Optics, Photovoltaics, and Silicon Photonics.