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The Ombuds Office can assist students with both administrative and interpersonal concerns or conflicts.  

Administrative concerns would be things like:
  • grade disputes
  • Honor Code concerns
  • billing disputes or concerns
  • drops, adds or late registration issues
  • administrative roadblocks
  • policy clarification or explanation
Interpersonal concerns or conflicts might involve:
  • roommate concerns or conflicts
  • conflicts with a professor, instructor or advisor
  • unfair treatment
  • conflicts or concerns with a fellow student

These are by no means complete lists of the issues or concerns you could bring to the Ombuds Office.  Visiting the office is completely voluntary, confidential and informal.  No formal process will begin with a visit to the Ombuds Office.  Your visit and discussions with the Ombuds Office remains strictly between you and the Ombuds unless you give us permission.  

How We Work

We operate under the Standards of Practice set forth by they International Ombuds Association (IOA).  For more infromation on our standards of practice, please click here.