Application Procedure

  1. The exchange students that will come to CU Boulder from your institution must be nominated before applying to CU Boulder using the online nomination form.
  2. The nominated studetns will receive an email with instructions/passwords to log on to their application.  The application is opened by our office.  Students applying for some specific exchanges (e.g. Law, MBA) will still need to submit paper documents. 
  3. In all cases, we need you to send us the students' official transcripts (or other official documentation, showing all of the academic work the student has completed at the university level) in order for them to be considered official.  You may scan those and send them by email to or or you may send the hardcopies by mail.
  4. Transcripts sent to us by mail, should be sent to: (Ms.) Kimberly Schorr Office of International Education University of Colorado Boulder Center for Community, Suite S355 123 UCB Boulder, Colorado 80309-0123.  (This is the same address where you would send applications for any student who is not applying via the online application.)
  5. All of our acceptance materials for your students will be sent to you for distribution to the students.

Completed applications will include the following:

  • Exchange Student Application
  • Academic Plan (showing us the courses the student wishes to take)
  • Transcript(s), or other official documentation, showing all of the academic work the student has completed at the university level
  • Financial Statement and Financial Documentation
  • Copy of the students' biodata page of passport
  • English proficiency exam results if English is not the language of instruction at the home university.  We accept either TOEFL or IELTS reports.  We require a TOEFL score of at least 75 for general entry, 83 for Engineering, and 100 for Law.  We prefer a minimum IELTS score of 7 or higher.

Additional required application pieces for some exchanges:

For Music Exchange Programs:

  • Audition material
  • Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation

For MBA Exchange Programs:

  • Resume

For Law Exchange Programs:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation

Registration for Classes

Students will register for classes online. They will receive information about registration with their acceptance materials.

  • The Catalog gives description of all courses taught at CU Boulder
  • Not all courses listed in the catalog are taught every semester. Use the course search tool to find what courses are likely to be taught in a particular semester
  • Materials needed before registering for some classes: Some departments control registration for some courses and will require syllabi of relevant courses already taken before approving registration.
  • For Engineering Applicants: Students must be able to access the course syllabi for any university mathematics, science, or engineering courses they have taken.
  • For Architecture Design Studio Applicants: Students who wish to take design studio courses must provide a Digital Portfolio and syllabi for design-related courses taken.

Credit Requirements

All exchange students must be registered with a full-time course load at CU Boulder as follows:

  • If taking only undergraduate courses (4999 and lower): Students must take a minimum 12 credits per semester (max 18 credits)
  • If taking only graduate-level courses (5000 and higher): Students must take a minimum 5 credits per semester
  • If taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate level courses: Students must take a minimum of 8 credits per semester


Working while on Exchange

Exchange students must prove they have sufficient funds without working when they are in Boulder. After they arrive on campus, students may request permission from the International Student and Scholar Office to work on campus if qualified.

Calendar & Deadlines

Academic Calendar:

  • Fall semester: late August - December
  • Spring semester: January - early May

Exchange Deadlines:

  • Fall applications must arrive in our office by March 15 (except Music exchange applications which must arrive by January 15)
  • Spring applications must arrive in our office by October 15

Health Insurance

Students must have health insurance that meets the requirements of their U.S. visas. They may bring evidence of insurance from home or purchase insurance in the U.S., which meets the requirement.

Visa Requirements

Upon acceptance by CU Boulder, we will provide each exchange student the document necessary to apply for a U.S. visa.

Contacts at CU Boulder

Exchange Manager:

Cloud Baffour ( or Cloud manages partnerships, balances, agreements, exchange contracts, site visits, strategy, and negotiations. 

For incoming exchange students:

Kimberly Schorr ( Kim is the primary contact for incoming exchange students, and processes incoming exchange student applications and admits students. 

For outgoing exchange students:


Our Address:

Office of International Education
Center for Community S355
123 UCB, 2249 Willard Loop Drive 
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0123

Visiting International Partnership Program

If you have students who would like to study at CU Boulder for one or two semesters as non-exchange students, we can now accept these students as Visiting International Partnership Students (VIPS).  These students would be able to apply in a streamlined application process (after you vet them just as you would exchange students). 

These students would pay non-resident tuition and fees.  Our nonresident tuition is variable and calculated based on the year a student has started at our university and the School/College at CU Boulder in which the student is enrolled.  We are now able to offer VIPS the opportunity to pay tuition at the rate based on when they started at your university which would give them a somewhat lower rate than they would pay as new degree students here. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about this option, please let us know (email: