Published: Nov. 28, 2017
Student unpacking

What can I do about hazardous conditions in my rental housing?

1. OCH is here to help and support you should you have problems in your rental housing.  We want you to have a great off-campus experience, but we also want you to be safe, healthy, and successful! So, while many issues in rental housing involve relatively minor repair problems or inconveniences, there are some conditions that can significantly affect your health and safety and which you need to address right away.  Some of these issues are things such as:

  1. Lack of adequate heat due to broken furnaces, water heater, or drafty windows or doors.
  2. Dangerous electrical outlets or other fixtures that present a fire danger or potential electrical shock
  3. Toxic mold growth that causes sinus and/or respiratory problems, eye irritation, or headaches
  4. Rodent or pest infestation that requires professional extermination services

2. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, there are many resources available to assist you in getting the necessary and adequate repairs done.

  1. First, immediately let you landlord know about the condition that you believe is presenting a hazard to your life, safety, or health.  Always put this notice in writing as you may need to show when you notified the landlord and that the landlord has not taken adequate steps to remedy the condition within a reasonable time.
  2. If your landlord does not address the issue in a timely fashion or simply refuses to make the necessary repairs, then you should contact the City of Boulder for further assistance.  Here are some City departments and phone numbers that can be helpful:
    • Rental Housing Licensing (303-441-3152) 
    • Building Code inspection (303-441-3280)
    • Boulder County Health inspector (303-441-1564)
    • Community Mediation Services (303-441-4364)

3. If you still can’t get your landlord to make the necessary repairs, you can also contact our office (OCHNR) and schedule an appointment with our attorney or, if you need legal representation, you can contact CU Student Legal Services (303-492-6813).