Both strategic actions and strategic innovations are necessary in order to actualize a cultural change of making excellence inclusive.

A key element of bringing about a more inclusive and equitable culture at CU Boulder is to lean into strategic innovations, while still engaging in the valuable business of our strategic actions. Strategic innovations, as identified by any respective unit or department on campus, are new initiatives, projects or programs that are designed to "move the needle" on making excellence inclusive.

Based on the feedback from over 90 units and departments from across campus in the form of inclusive excellence narratives, ODECE was struck by one of the largest items that the narratives held in common: a request on behalf of the broader community to highlight and expand resources for making excellence inclusive.

In order to facilitate greater knowledge and awareness of practices and strategies for making excellence inclusive, ODECE has engaged in several new innovations: inclusive pedagogy workshops, an inclusive pedagogy community of practice, and a partnership with Human Resources that will lead to a new professional development opportunity, “Making Excellence Inclusive 101.”