The purpose of IMPART is to further develop a campus environment which supports diversity and inclusion in approaches to scholarly work and teaching. IMPART Fellowships (up to $4,000) are available to CU-Boulder faculty.

The committee is interested in receiving proposals that are designed to advance inclusivity on campus and promote inclusive excellence. In particular, the committe seeks proposals that support their deparmental inclusive excellence goals as presented in the inclusive excellence narratives and plans. Awards are granted to faculty members (especially Assistant Professors) who initiate new research and scholarly programs, as well as, expanding the undergraduate curriculum in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Student participation in projects is strongly encouraged.


IMPART Faculty Fellowship Award Proposal Description

The purpose of the IMPART Faculty Fellowship Award Program is to further develop a campus environment that supports and encourages gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity in our approaches to scholarly work and teaching. Tell us about your project below.

    Budget Information

    All applicants will be notified via email with funding decisions by end of April.

    If your proposal is awarded, a speed type account will be set up by the ODECE budget officer. You will be notified when funds are available to use.

    The IMPART grant funds are available for one year, from July 1st through June 30th. Exceptions to these dates may be made only upon specific request and in order to meet the project’s timeline.

      What amount from other sources will be contributed to this project?
      Explain your budget in line item detail. Supply line item information for the project budget (round up to the next highest dollar). Complete the areas that are relevant to your project, such as Student Payroll, Travel, Materials, etc. This total should equal the amount you are requesting from IMPART (the amount you entered above).