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Student Experiences Surveys, 2002 - 2004

The Student Experience study is a longitudinal study designed by the division of Student Affairs to assess incoming freshman students' expectations about their CU-Boulder experience and their satisfaction with their actual experience after their first semester.

Office of Data Analytics (ODA) has assisted in the design and administration of the Student Experience web-based questionnaires, beginning in summer 2002 and up through spring of 2003. Since then ODA has assisted solely with selection of survey samples and Student Affairs has administered all subsequent surveys through an external company called Student Voice.

ODA administered two types of web-based questionnaires as part of this study: the initial questionnaires in 2002 and 2003, for incoming freshmen, and the follow-up questionnaire for students from the original samples who were returning to CU in subsequent spring and fall semesters. All continuing students from the initial samples were surveyed again, whether or not they responded to the initial survey.

For information about the results of these surveys and about plans for future surveys, contact the Division of Student Affairs at 492-8476

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