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Program Review Panel (PRP)* units with survey activity--listed alphabetically, with ODA library record number

*Now called ARP (Academic Review Planning): This process was initiated fall 2008, replacing the Program Review Panel (PRP) process.  ARP uses standard "unit profiles" produced by ODA for units undergoing review in any year of the ARP cycle.

Program Review Units with Survey Activity in Summer/Fall of Year Shown
--intended for unit's Self-Study, due February of the following year

Contact us at IR@colorado.edu if you would like a copy of your unit's survey results and/or questionnaire.


ODA Library Number

Aerospace Engineering Department Program Review (1996) Rec# 3229
Anthropology Department Program Review (1990, 1997) Rec# 3253
Central and Eastern European Studies Program Review (1991) Rec# 3249
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Program Review (1997) Rec# 3254
College of Architecture and Planning (Environmental Design) Program Review (1990) Rec# 3252
Communication Department Program Review (1995) Rec# 3233
Economics Department Program Review (1996) Rec# 3230
English Department Program Review (1996) -- Consult Only2 - in-class survey by department (questionnaire on file) Rec# 3256
Environmental Studies (Environmental Conservation) Program Review (1992) Rec# 3245
Film Studies Department Program Review (1992: Questionnaire Only1 - no analyses; 1999: full results) Rec# 3246
Geography Program Review (1992) Rec# 3242
Geological Sciences Department Program Review (1996) Rec# 3232
German and Russian Department Program Review (1993, 2000) Rec# 3237
Humanities Department Program Review (1991) Rec# 3250
Institute of Cognitive Science Program Review (1999) -- Questionnaire Only1 - no analysesRec# 3251
International Affairs Program Review (1994, 2001) Rec# 3234
Kinesiology Department Program Review (1993) Rec# 3238
Linguistics Department Program Review (1991, 1992, 1998) Rec# 3244
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department Program Review (1993) Rec# 3241
Mechanical Engineering Department Program Review (2001) Rec# 4785
Physics Department Program Review (1985, 1993, 2000) Rec# 3240
Political Science Department Program Review (1994, 2001) Rec# 3236
RAPS Program Review -- FCQ optionals report (2001) Rec# 4795
Religious Studies Department Program Review (1992) Rec# 3248
School of Education (1996, 2004) -- See also: the posted Spring 2004 Doctoral Student and Fall 2004 Doctoral Alumni questionnaires Rec# 3263
School of Journalism and Mass Communication (1992) Rec# 3255
Sociology Department Program Review (1993) Rec# 3239
Spanish Department Program Review (1994, 2001) Rec# 3235
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Program Review (1999); Communication
Disorders and Speech Science Program Review (1992) -- Questionnaire Only1 - no analyses
Rec# 3243
Theatre and Dance Department Program Review (1996) Rec# 3231
Women's studies department program review (1998)-- Questionnaire Only1 - survey by department; charged for mailing costs (but no questionnaire on file) Rec# 4805

1"Questionnaire Only" - no analyses -- means we administered the survey and collected the data, but no analyses were done; completed questionnaires were returned to departments for their use.
2"Consult Only"-- means we only consulted on the questionnaire design.

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