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Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Survey, Fall 2007

ODA assisted the Instructor Task Force with a survey of non-tenure-track faculty, which was designed to collect information on challenging professional issues facing these individuals. E-mails inviting 962 lecturers, instructors, and senior instructors to complete an online questionnaire were sent on November 5, 2007. An e-mail reminder was sent on November 12 to those who had not yet completed a questionnaire.

Data collection ended on November 21 and the results were delivered to the Task Force on November 26. Results were provided for the entire group of non-tenure-track faculty. In addition, results were provided by job type (lecturer, instructor, and senior instructor) and by college/school for those colleges and schools with sufficient numbers of respondents (Architecture and Planning, Arts and Sciences, Business, Continuing Education, and Engineering).

The overall response rate was 32%. No financial incentives to complete a questionnaire were offered to the participants. Senior instructors responded at a higher rate than did instructors and lecturers (51%, 44%, and 21%, respectively). Additional information on response rates, including rates by college/school, is available.

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