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Instructional Technology Use: Faculty Survey, Spring 2005

In February, 2005, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) assisted the office of Academic and Campus Technology in surveying a sample of faculty about their use of instructional technologies. The survey was intended to gather data on how instructional technologies are used in the classroom, their importance to teaching, and barriers to their use, as part of an overall assessment of the campus's instructional technology environment.

The web-based questionnaire was administered by ODA to a stratified random sample of 475 current faculty members (full, associate, and assistant professors, and both senior and regular instructors). Strata included faculty rank and A&S division/discipline college. To encourage faculty to respond, an opportunity to win one of two ipods was offered to those who completed the web-based questionnaire by March 11, 2005. A total of 158 faculty responded, for an overall response rate of 33%.

A brief report of the results from the survey was prepared by the office of Academic and Campus Technology. For further information on this and other related surveys, see IT Strategic Planning Data & Research.

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