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CU-Boulder's Human Research Committee Survey, Spring 2006

In February, 2006, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) assisted the Office of Research Integrity and the Human Research Committee (HRC) in surveying faculty, staff and student users of HRC about their satisfaction with the review process.

A web-based questionnaire, designed by the HRC, in consultation with ODA, was administered by ODA to a population of current and former HRC users who had valid emails at the time of the survey. The available population of 561 included 276 faculty, 42 staff, 188 graduate students, and 55 undergraduate students.

A total of 256 people responded, for an overall response rate of 46%. Response rates varied from 42% for the undergraduate students to 48% for the graduate students. Please contact Tammy L. Felton-Noyle for further information about the results.

PBA: L:\ir\consult\HRC\hrc_survey_posting.htm

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