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NCAA Certification Self-Study: Athletic Department Gender Equity Surveys, Spring 2003

In April, 2003, Office of Data Analytics assisted the athletic department in surveying their current population of student-athletes, coaches and staff on issues of gender equity. The survey was conducted to fulfill a portion of the requirements for their NCAA Certification self-study. Two questionnaires were developed: a web-based questionnaire for staff and coaches, and a paper questionnaire for student-athletes.

The student questionnaires were distributed by the athletic department to approximately 300 student-athletes, with over 50% (n=169) responding. The completed forms were analyzed by the athletic department.

The web questionnaire was emailed to all athletic department coaches and staff. A total of 106 staff and coaches responded, for a response rate of approximately 80%. Preliminary results were analyzed by the Office of Data Analytics, and the final report for both surveys was prepared by the athletic department. Please contact Colleen Reilly Krueger in the athletic media relations office, 492-5626, for further information.

PBA: L:\ir\emgt\athletes\old\NCAAsrvy_2003\Gender_Equity_survey_post.doc

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