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Faculty Climate Survey, Spring 2005

Provost's Report of the Results

TO:      Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Deans, 
         Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration

FROM:    Office of the Provost

SENDER:  Interim Provost Susan K. Avery

DATE:    October 13, 2005

SUBJECT: Faculty Climate Survey Results

The Office of the Provost, in conjunction with the offices of Faculty Affairs
and Diversity and Equity, contracted with CUNY's Professor Judi Komaki to
engage departments on campus in the evaluation of the -climate- within their
units.  Climate is critical in assisting with the retention of all faculty, and
especially important in the retention of women and minorities.  Professor
Komaki's research in this area has resulted in development of a Justice Model,
inspired by the theory of psychologist B.F. Skinner (1978). Komaki's Model
identified a perplexing dilemma - Deans and Chairs may have responsibility for
creating an atmosphere within their units but no measure exists of what these
prime movers do to enable these environments.  A Faculty Climate Survey was
thus constructed to assess the factors that impact climate.

In April 2005, 515 (55%) of the faculty on the Boulder campus were asked to
rate their units on:

Climate - the atmosphere of the department/school or college;
Evenhandedness of Evaluation - fairness of appraisal;
Career Advisement - guidance about faculty's goals and timetables;
Acknowledgement of Progress and Expertise - recognition of performance; and
Intention to Stay - desire to remain in the unit.

The top 13 units (based upon overall scores) to be congratulated for their
efforts are:

1. Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences: James Green;
2. Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences: John Hansen;
3. Integrative Physiology: Roger Enoka;
4. Geological Sciences: Mary Kraus;
5. Classics: John Gilbert;
6. College of Music: Daniel Sher;
7. School of Law: David Getches;
8. Chemistry & Biochemistry: Kevin Peters;
9. Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures: Artemi Romanov;
10. Linguistics: Barbara Fox;
11. Physics: John Cumalat;
12. Chemical Engineering: Christopher Bowman;
13. Sociology: Michael Radelet.

Vice Provost Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, Office of Diversity and Equity, will
continue to work with Professor Komaki in the coming weeks on additional
assessment and development activities with chairs, directors, and deans.

A special thanks to the faculty who gave their valuable time to complete the
survey.  I look forward to working with you to ensure that we have the best
possible climate for all of our faculty.

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