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Faculty Climate Survey, Spring 2006

In Spring 2006, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) again assisted Professor Judi Komaki, from Baruch College - City University of New York, in administering a survey to CU-Boulder faculty concerning the current atmosphere or climate in their departments. The method, timing and questionnaire differed very little from those of the 2005 survey. In 2006, Judi Komaki's office issued a report on the findings, which is posted on the Climate Surveys web page of the Office of Diversity and Equity's main page.

The population in both 2005 and 2006 included tenured and tenure-track faculty in academic departments. The main difference in 2006 consisted of expanding the population to include Museum and Libraries faculty, and research faculty in institutes. All faculty hired by September 1, 2005 or earlier, who had active appointments as of April, 2006 were emailed an invitation to complete a questionnaire. This included 68 faculty who had dual appointments in institutes and academic departments, who were emailed two questionnaires, so that they could answer for both of their positions. A total of 1418 faculty were surveyed, including 1001 with academic appointments and 417 who were rostered in institutes, Libraires or the Museum. Faculty Affairs again contributed $5 to the Graduate School's Student Travel Fund for every faculty member who responded to the survey, and departments with the highest response rates within their size group received $250 for their enrichment fund.

This year substantially fewer faculty encountered problems accessing the survey online. For those faculty who used PINE as their email program, we were able to email an attached Word document that included the link to the survey, which they successfully clicked on to access the questionnaire. The main problem encountered this time involved a few of the institute faculty who were not using their colorado.edu accounts. We updated our database with the email address they asked us to use and re-sent them the questionnaire.

When considering only those faculty members in academic departments, which is a comparable population to that of the 2005 survey, the overall response rate is 49%. This is lower than the 2005 response rate (60%). The response rate for the entire population (faculty in academic departmetns, the Libraries, Museum, and research institutes) was 43%.

Due to the sensitivity of this topic, the questionnaire provided faculty the option to decline to participate in the survey. There were 439 academic department faculty, or 44%, who completed all or part of the questionnaire. A summary table of response rates is provided below The response rates across institutes and departments (completing all or part of the questionnaire) varied considerably, from 11% to 85%.

Respondent Group N of Responses Response Rate
Accessed survey
          Academic Departments
          Acad depts, Libraries, Museum, Institutes


Completed all or part of questionnaire
          Academic Departments
          Acad depts, Libraries, Museum, Institutes


Viewed consent information (no data entered)
          Academic Departments
          Acad depts, Libraries, Museum, Institutes



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