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Faculty Climate Survey, Spring 2005

In Spring, 2005, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) assisted Professor Judi Komaki, from Baruch College - City University of New York, in surveying CU-Boulder tenured and tenure- track faculty concerning the current atmosphere or climate in their departments. Prof. Komaki's work in this area was approved and sponsored by the offices of the Provost, Diversity and Equity, and Faculty Affairs.

The web-based questionnaire, designed by Prof. Komaki's office, was emailed to all tenured and tenure-track faculty (n=941), who were hired by September 1, 2004 or earlier, and who had active appointments as of April, 2005. As an incentive to respond, Faculty Affairs contributed $5 to the Graduate School's Student Travel Fund for every faculty member who responded to the survey. In addition, departments with the highest response rates within their size group received $250 for their enrichment fund. Four departments received this award.

Although a few faculty and a couple of departments encountered problems in accessing the online survey, 562 faculty who were emailed a questionnaire were able to access the survey, for an overall response rate of 60%. The most common problem reported was the inability to click on the link to access the questionnaire, and although a work-around was provided, some faculty and one department were still unable to access it. These problems were likely due to the use of older email programs, like PINE, or specialized computer systems, like Unix.

Due to the sensitivity of this topic, the questionnaire provided faculty the option to decline to participate in the survey. There were 474 faculty, or 50%, who completed all five pages of the questionnaire. A summary table of response rates for these groups is provided below. Note that these statistics are based on the campus-wide survey only; they do not reflect any data collected during a prior pilot survey. The two departments that participated in the pilot are Geology and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

Respondent Group N of Responses Response Rates
Accessed survey 562 60%
Completed all or part of questionnaire 533 57%
Completed entire questionnaire 474 50%
Viewed consent information
(no data entered)
 29  --

Provost's Report of the Results

PBA: L:\IR\consult\diversity_equity\faculty_climate_survey_posting.doc

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