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CU-Boulder's Faculty Housing Survey, Spring 2004

In February, 2004, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) assisted the Vice Chancellor for Administration and the CU Real Estate Center in surveying faculty about their needs for housing in the Boulder-Denver area. The survey also assessed interest in the possibility of additional new CU housing facilities for faculty in Boulder.

A web-based questionnaire, designed by the CU Real Estate Center, in consultation with ODA and CU Administration, was administered by ODA to a random sample of 400 faculty members. Only current faculty who had been hired in 1996 or later were surveyed.

A total of 206 faculty responded, for a relatively high response rate of 52%. A Power Point presentation of the results was presented to CU Administration. Please contact the CU Real Estate Center, at 492-3643, for further information.

PBA: L:\ir\consult\Faculty_housing\facultyhousing_survey_posting.doc

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