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CU-Boulder's Child Care Survey, Spring 2001

In April, 2001, Office of Data Analytics assisted the Chancellor's Child Care Task Force, chaired by Zan Johns, in surveying a census of CU-Boulder faculty and staff and a census of graduate students. The survey was intended to gather data on the status of existing child care services on the Boulder campus and to assess the needs for child care services for these populations.

A web-based faculty/staff questionnaire was emailed to 5,723 faculty and staff, and a paper version was mailed to 1,483 staff who did not have access to email. All graduate students (n=4,474) were emailed a graduate-student version of the web-based questionnaire. A total of 413 faculty/staff and 103 graduate students responded to the survey.

The Chancellor's Child Care Task Force used the findings from this survey, along with data from other research, to inform CU-Boulder Administration of the unmet needs for child care on the Boulder campus. One of the developments that came out of the Task Force's recommendations was the creation of a child care referral office, located in the department of Human Resources. For further information about this survey, please see the CU CARES website.

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