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Continuing Education Programs and Services Survey, Fall 2003

The Programs and Services Survey was designed to collect information that can be used for planning purposes by the Division of Continuing Education. A web-based questionnaire consisting of multiple-choice and extended-response items was administered to a stratified random sample of 902 CU-Boulder students in October 2003. Strata included program (ACCESS, Boulder Evening, CAETE, Independent Learning) and student status (degree seeking, non degree seeking). Students were selected for the sample from the population of students who participated in one or more Continuing Education (CE) programs during the 2002-03 academic year and were still enrolled in fall 2003 (n = 2,937). Students who requested a privacy flag on their records were not included in the population.

To encourage students to respond, an opportunity to win one of two $500 scholarships was offered to those who submitted a completed questionnaire by October 27, 2003. A total of 326 students responded, for an overall response rate of 36%. Response rates over programs varied considerably, ranging from 27% (Boulder Evening) to 52% (CAETE).

A copy of the full report is available. Results are provided in this report by program, and by program and student status. In addition, results are provided for the total group.

PBA: L:\ir\consult\CE\programs_services|prgrms_services_survey_posting.doc

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