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Bursar's Office Survey - Spring 2003

The Bursar's Office Survey was designed to collect information that could be used by the Bursar's Office to improve customer service. The survey was administered in February 2003 to stratified random samples of CU-Boulder undergraduate and graduate students, and to a random sample of parents of CU-Boulder freshmen and sophomores. The questionnaire for students was administered over the internet and consisted of 21 items of several types, including multiple-response and open-ended items. The questionnaire for parents was administered through the U.S. Mail and consisted of 26 items, most of which paralleled those of the student questionnaire. Results are provided separately for the student and parent samples:

Results of the Student Survey

Results of the Parent Survey

An incentive experiment was performed as part of the survey. In this experiment, some students were offered a chance of winning scholarships in return for responding to the survey, and other students were not. The two groups of students were compared with respect to their rates of responding and the similarity of their responses.

Office of Data Analytics staff members have provided estimates of the time required to conduct this survey. These estimates reflect only the time required of full-time ODA staff. They do not reflect time required of work-study students for such tasks as placing mailing labels on postcards, nor do they reflect time required of Scanning and Printing Services staffs.


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