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National College Health Assessment Survey, Spring 2003

In February 2003, Office of Data Analytics assisted the Community Health Education Department at CU-Boulder's Wardenburg Health Center in surveying a sample of undergraduate students as part the National College Health Assessment survey. This on-line survey was designed by the American College Health Association (ACHA) to assess and measure student health and safety issues on college campuses nationwide.

The web-based questionnaire was administered to a sample of 1800 full-time CU-Boulder undergraduate students, who were at least 18 years or older, and who had not requested their directory information be withheld. Students in the sample were sent instructions on how to participate in the on-line survey via an introductory postcard and email. They were given a web address to an introductory page, where they entered a unique, randomly assigned ID number; then they were directed to the informed consent page, where they could accept or decline to participate. A total of 726 students responded to the survey, for an overall response rate of 40%.

Various incentives were used to encourage students to respond. Fifty of the first 100 students who submitted a completed questionnaire were randomly selected and awarded $20 in cash. In addition, all respondents who submitted a completed questionnaire by the March 7th, 2003 deadline were eligible to receive one of five $500 awards.

Data collected for this survey were submitted directly to the ACHA. This survey has since been re-administered directly by ACHA for Wardenburg Health Center. For additional information about this survey, please contact Rebecca Carlson (Rebecca.Carlson@colorado.edu), manager of Community Health Education at Wardenburg, 303-492-8704.

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