Seniors' Future Plans, Spring 2013

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- Method and Response Rates
- Questionnaire
- Principal Activity Results/Tables:
    ~ by College/Division/Program
         * 7 activity categories (table)
        * 12 activity categories (table)
    ~ by ODA departments
         * 7 activity categories (table)
        * 12 activity categories (table)
    ~ 2008-2013: Seniors' Future Plans   (Excel) - by campus, college/division/ program and department; and by gender; and by race/ethnicity
- Other Reports:
    - *New* 2013 Employment items
    Relatedness to major and expected salary
    - Geographic Data summary
    - Browsers/Devices used by this year's
    respondents vs 2012 survey respondents

Comments from Seniors (Excel): answering the item: "One thing CU-Boulder should/should not do to improve the University experience for students like you"
- by department, gender, minority/not and international (Intro page to password-protected Excel)

Winner of Survey Award

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