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Senior Survey, 1998

Web version of the Senior Survey - Intro

University of Colorado at Boulder
Senior Survey, 1998

Administered by the Office of Data Analytics.

This survey is designed to collect opinions from a sample of seniors in order to understand and improve the experiences of undergraduates at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

If you received a postcard in the mail about this survey (and thus are part of the designated sample) AND if you complete the survey here on the web before February 24, 1998, your name will be entered in a lottery for a $500 cash prize. If you did not receive a postcard in the mail, you are welcome to complete the survey, but your name will not be entered in the lottery.

All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential in that your name will never be associated with your responses.

  • When you are ready to begin the questionnaire, click on the words "Begin the Senior Survey" at the bottom of these instructions.

  • Make your browser window as wide as possible to make the questionnaire easy to read and use, and remember you can change the font size on your browser, too.

  • The first question will ask you for your student identification number. We need your student ID for two reasons: it will allow us to check whether or not you are in our sample, so we can enter your name in the lottery, and it will let us know who has and has not responded, for purposes of phone and mail reminders.

  • The survey questions have three general formats. For some questions, the response choices are provided in boxes. Simply use the mouse to click on the boxes and choose among the responses. Other questions present the response options with buttons next to them. Use the mouse to point and click on the button directly to the right of your selection. You can change your selection by clicking on a different button. Finally, some of the questions are open-ended. For these questions, simply type your response in the box. You can type as many lines as you like.

  • When you have completed the survey, click on the words "Submit Survey Responses" at the end of the survey.

  • Please answer every question.

  • If you are using Windows 3.1, or an older Mac, you may have trouble loading the entire survey. Please use the second "Begin" link. The survey is presented on two different screens under that link. Please complete and submit both.
Begin the Senior Survey

Begin the Senior Survey, using Win 3.1 or an older Mac


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