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Senior Survey, Spring 2012

Open-ended items

The Excel file of students' responses to the four long open-ended items (listed below) is password-protected. Students' responses are presented verbatim. The Excel file includes respondents' college/school, Arts & Sciences division code (AH, NS or SS), if applicable, ODA department name and major code. A translation table of the four-character major codes is provided for reference.

  • Please explain in what ways your program did or did not meet your educational goals.
    • This item is an adjunct to the preceding closed item that asks "Overall, did your program of study at CU-Boulder meet your educational goals? (Response options include "Not at all," "Yes, somewhat," and "Yes, definitely.") Response options are presented with the accompanying open-ended responses.
  • If you could CHANGE ONE THING about your major program, what would it be?
  • What is the ONE BEST THING about your major program?
  • Other comments?

These comments are intended to be used in improving or evaluating University units or programs, or in understanding and describing the University situation. They have not been edited in any way, and are presented verbatim. To obtain access to these comments, please complete a nondisclosure agreement.

Once you obtain access to the Excel file, it is suggested that you download it to your computer. There are data filters on the file that will let you view the comments by college/A&S division, ODA department and major. You can also search for specific words within the file (e.g., "professor," "faculty," "degree," etc.). For further instructions on content and usage, see the information in the Excel's "Intro" tab.

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