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CU-Boulder Senior Survey, Spring 2012 - Ongoing Updates

We will assemble here findings, links, answers to questions, and other things learned since the Feb. 12 2013 posting. Periodically we will update relevant portions of the posting to reflect these.

2/21/2013: How long did it take students to complete the questionnaire? Most took 10-30 minutes, median 16 minutes. A few took under 10 minutes, and several started but did not submit for one or more full days later. Will be incorporated in the Method, Population, and Respondents report.

3/5/2013: Working in Colorado after graduation: In 2012, 31% of graduating seniors expected full-time employment in Colorado. Respondents were those seniors (n=1550) who answered the item about expected principal activity after graduation and who also had a grad check-out term of spring 2012. Comparable data from previous senior surveys show an interesting trend that may reflect the downturn effects of the economy in the years since spring, 2008, with a possible upturn trend starting in 2012.

In spring 2008, 31% of seniors expected full-time employment in Colorado. In subsequent years, 27% (2009), 28% (2010) and 27% (2011) of graduating seniors expected to be working full-time in Colorado upon graduation.

     4/7/2013: Additional details are provided in two documents of tables:
     * Full- and part-time employment after graduation
     * Employment by Colorado residency after graduation: '
            - Full-time employment after graduation by Colorado residency, and
            - ANY employment after graduation by Colorado residency
These findings will be included in the After-Graduation Plans report.

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