Senior Survey, Spring 2012

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- PDF of Home page, Highlights, Academic Unit Report for campus overall, Methods, Catalog of Excels, and Questionnaire (65 pgs)
- Method, Population and Respondents
- Questionnaire
- Highlights
- Academic Unit Reports ~ Campus Overall, School/College/Program, A&S Divisions, Departments (PDFs)
- Catalog of Excel Detail Results
- Ongoing Updates

Excels of Results:
 - 2012 Data by Academic Units
 - Seniors' Future Plans (2008-2012)
 - Expected Occupational Field
 - Where Expect to Live Fall 2012
 - Things Seniors Would Do Differently
 - Student Services (1993-2012)
 - Browsers/Devices respondents used 

Comments from Seniors:
 - Comments - by Department (Intro to password-protected Excel)

Other Presentations - of the survey data by other units or organizations

Winners of Survey Awards

Information about previous Senior Surveys