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Resources for Conducting Surveys

Institutional Analysis

  • Our office performs a variety of survey research for the CU-Boulder campus. Our principal goal in conducting surveys is to provide useful information for making decisions that affect the academic environment of the campus.
  • Institutional Analysis conducts several cyclical surveys (e.g., Alumni, Student Social Climate, Senior, Graduate, National Survey of Student Engagement), and we provide custom survey research for campus offices and programs. We don't take on individual students as clients, just academic departments and campus groups, such as student government. We can consult on all aspects of surveying: questionnaire design, sampling, administration, data collection and compilation, statistical analysis, and reporting.
  • Since 2011 we have been using Qualtrics as our Web-based survey software. Several examples of the types of questions our surveys have included, as well as examples of complete questionnaires are provided at the bottom of this page.
  • If a survey client wishes to offer a financial incentive to encourage people to respond to a survey, the client will need to pay for the incentive. Institutional Analysis is unable to pay for financial incentives for custom surveys.
  • See also sampling requests.  

Other Web-based Surveying Options

Internal Services

  • Qualtrics:  CU-Boulder has a campus-wide license with Qualtrics, a powerful survey administrative/design system, for use by all CU-Boulder faculty, staff, and students. The Office of Information Technology provides information on accessing and using this survey tool. Individuals use their CU IdentiKey username and password to create and use a personal Qualtrics account. These accounts allow for collaboration with other CU users.

  • Student Affairs:  The division of Student Affairs has a site license with Campus Labs (formerly StudentVoice), a web survey product available to units within Student Affairs who are interested in evaluation and assessment of their programs. Any Student Affairs unit interested in using this should first contact Jim Davis Rosenthal at  jdr@colorado.edu for an account. Departments outside Student Affairs may be able to use this resource in partnership with a Student Affairs unit.

  • The Testing and Assessment Center (formerly Scanning Services) can scan and compile survey responses that have been collected on a standard scannable form.

External Services

Survey Guidelines and Tips

Creating a good survey that meets research goals is a nontrivial undertaking. See our survey  guidelines and tips document to help you with the planning, development, and execution of a survey.

Information on Emailing CU-Boulder Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Bulk Emails, such as Buff Bulletins, E-memos, etc.: The campus has specific rules that university faculty, staff, and students must adhere to when sending out mass emails to students. Please see the Campus Communications page for details and guidelines for requesting various types of bulk emailing services.
  • Student Postal Mailing Lists: The office of University Communications provides guidelines, specifications, and request forms for campus-affiliated groups and individuals to request student mailing lists for sending materials via the U.S. Postal Service or Campus Mail at: http://ucommunications.colorado.edu/node/249.
  • Please see http://www.colorado.edu/oda/ia/getting_lists.html for more information.

Contacting Recent CU-Boulder graduates

  • Email for Life is a CU-Boulder program in which graduating students automatically retain their registered colorado.edu e-mail addresses accessible through CULink. Beginning in May of 2008, all graduating CU-Boulder students were automatically signed up for this service. Previous to that date, graduating students had to specifically request to be enrolled in Email for Life. Those who had not elected to participate in this program prior to May, 2008, are now eligible to enroll. There is no cost for this service.
    • Requesting Emails and Mailing Addresses for Alumni:  The CU Foundation maintains the database of all CU-Boulder alumni contact information. To request emails and/or U.S. postal service mailing addresses from the CU Foundation, you must contact them to receive a request form: Report.Request@cufund.org. Due to the Email for Life program described above, email information is available for the great majority of recent CU-Boulder graduates.

    Examples of Item Types and Complete Questionnaires

    Item types  CAUTION: Developed before Qualtrics (in DAP system)

    Complete questionnaires


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