Outside the University

The University of Colorado Boulder does not release email and address lists for non-university related business.

University Community

If you are University of Colorado Boulder personnel wishing to contact a group of CU Boulder personnel:

Before you proceed, consider:

  • What is the population of interest – people teaching in a term, people associated with a school or college, researchers, staff
  • Whether they need to get individualized emails (e.g., with a different link in each person’s email), or can all get the same email or announcement
  • Whether the email will come from a UCB email account or from an outside account such as a national organization surveying individuals on your behalf. If outside, many of the options above are not available but “targeted email” might be.

If you are sending a list of campus email addresses to an outside entity to use on your behalf, check with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at help@colorado.edu to get help ensuring that any messages sent from outside UCB arrive as planned.