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Survey Recognition Program

Office of Data Analytics
June 2008

In order to achieve statistically reliable survey results, ODA attempts to increase the number of survey respondents by offering them cash awards in return for participating in surveys. For example, the names of all respondents might be entered into a drawing for two relatively large cash awards (typically about $500), or the first 20 respondents might each receive a relatively small cash award. This document describes how ODA's survey recognition program meets the requirements outlined in PSC Procedural Statement: Recognition and Training Activities

The principal focus of ODA's survey research is to provide useful information for making decisions that affect the academic environment of the Boulder campus. Thus, this research is directly related to the instructional mission of the University. For all cash awards, the following information is provided with the Recognition Reporting Form:

  • The name of the survey (e.g., Alumni Survey, National Survey of Student Engagement)
  • The recognition category; i.e., survey participation
  • A description of those eligible for the award (e.g., all 6,782 CU-Boulder seniors, a sample of 1,200 recent alumni)
  • A description of the criteria for receiving the award (e.g., must have submitted a Senior Survey questionnaire by April 21)
  • An explanation of the selection method (e.g., was randomly selected from 2,500 survey respondents)
  • A description of the award (e.g., a total of $1000, awarded as two separate $500 awards)

Reviewed and approved by Steven L. McNally, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, on June 10, 2008. This program will be in effect until altered.

Last revision 05/02/16

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