The 2014 Undergraduate Student Social Climate Survey asked students about their level of comfort on the Boulder campus, the extent to which they feel they fit in and are welcome at CU Boulder, their perceptions of respect accorded students who belong to various diverse groups of people on campus, and how often they hear negative remarks or see negative behaviors targeted at others based on group membership. The survey assessed student experiences in classes, with instructors, and in their residence halls. 

2014 executive summary

View methodology and detailed response rates (PDF) by gender, race/ethnicity and school/college/program.

Custom survey instrument used for the 2014 undergraduate student social climate survey (PDF)

In Fall 2015, Division of Student Affairs staff members facilitated three focus groups of African American (AA) undergraduate students. Twenty students in total participated. The purpose of the focus groups was to delve more deeply into findings of the 2014 Campus Climate Survey, which asked students to reflect on their campus experience both in and out of the classroom. This executive summary highlights the most prevalent themes, sub-themes, and examples. It also includes campus-level recommendations intended to improve the climate and a list of relevant action steps already underway.

View focus group findings and recommended follow-up action items (PDF)