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AAUDE-NSSE Data Sharing

With Version 2 (2013+) and Version 1 data

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) has been administered annually at selected AAUDE institutions each spring 2000 and after. Participation is voluntary. Data sharing is coordinated by the University of Colorado Boulder. AAUDE is the Association of American Universities Data Exchange. 34 AAU schools have used NSSE at least once 2009-2015.

Spring 2013 was the first administration of NSSE 2.0, known here as v2, version 2. Participation averages 7-12 schools each year; most schools administer NSSE every 2-3-4 years.  24 schools participated in 2013, 2014, and/or 2015. 

For AAUDE schools - How to participate

  • AAUDE-NSSE participation means two things: Use of AAUDE optional questions, and sharing response-level data. Participants can do questions only, or sharing only, or both. Most but not all do both.
  • List of institutions (Excel) with years participating, record of data-sharing status, record of optional-question use, plans. (Partic.xlsx)
  • AAUDE participation or data-sharing agreement (Word, ParticForm.docx): AAUDE institutions which have participated or are planning to participate in NSSE in any year are urged to complete the agreement and return to Colorado, which will submit them to NSSE. The agreement concerns data sharing only, and does not obligate signees to use the AAUDE optional questions or to administer NSSE in any year.
  • Using AAUDE optional questions -- Click here for information about signing up for AAUDE "consortium," questions, and/or sharing. (Word, Consortium.docx) See codebooks, below, for versions.

AAUDE NSSE shared data are password protected. Passwords are available only to authorized users at institutions sharing data. For a password contact Lou.McClelland@colorado.edu. Recent release record

  • 11/6/15, SAS v9 datasets and SAS code posted with the full release of version 2 and v1-to-v2 data plus annual update.
  • 9/24/15, NSSE-issued frequencies for combined AAUDE schools administering 2014 and 2015, annotated by LMcC; NSSE-issued response rate table.
  • Expected, 10/2016, datasets with all years through 2016

Files in shared data include

  • Institutional metadata dataset. Includes 2005 - most recently released population and sample counts, response rates, etc. Same info is in ResponseRates Excel, see below. (metadata)
  • Base stats: 2013+ means and SD's by institution, class level, and item. Same dataset includes 2001-2012 stats from v1 data converted to v2 format.
  • Response-level data in v2 formats
    • Response-level data, all institutions, from 2013 - most recently released (nsseallyrs_v2)
    • Converted version 1 data to version 2 data. 2001-2012 response-level data, all institutions. Contains the 120 items from v1 that could be converted to a v2 item. Items have been renamed to the v2 name and values have been converted to v2 values. (convert_v1_v2)
  • 'Match' dataset used to assign formats and labels. For v2, with a map of the conversion of v1 to v2 variables (match_v2)
  • V1 only datasets, with v1 variable names
  • SAS formats and code for use with v2 and v1_v2 data
  • NSSE-issued frequencies and scales for all AAUDE schools combined, for most recent two years of administrations

For using NSSE/AAUDE data

  • User guide to the version 2 and v1_v2 data. Contains KEY INFO, UPDATED ANNUALLY.
  • Codebooks, largely from NSSE. 2013 codebook is marked up for use with SAS datasets and formats and longitudinal analyses; includes info on AAUDE questions.
  • AAUDE optional questions
  • Variable list for the version 2 response-level dataset. Contains variable names, labels, types, lengths, format names, and information from both NSSE and CU on v1 to v2 conversion. (MatchVars_V2 Excel) Much of the info in here is in the codebook as well.
  • Response rates and metadata (Excel, ResponseRates.xlsx) - 2005 to present, with plots and narratives and links to NSSE tables and studies of response rates.
  • Counts of survey respondents in the comparison group by institution and year (2001-present). Not showing if institution has not participated in the last four years.
  • NSSE website - find all years' participants, instruments, etc. Includes
    • NSSE “common data recodes” – How NSSE calc’d first generation status, parent ed, estimated hours/week, and dichotomized responses (which we advise against!!)
    • CIP crosswalk - http://nsse.iub.edu/zips/NSSE_Majors_and_CIP_Codes.zip -- For v2, based on what AAUDE did for v1. Provides up to 3 CIPs for each NSSE major code/label; e.g., 15, environmental science, 03.0104 and 26.1305, with CIP descriptions too.

Reports (see also v1 archive)

Click here for archived information on version 1

See also the AAUDE-member exchange item page

Questions to IR@colorado.edu

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