CU-Boulder Student Social Climate Survey: Fall 2010

* Intro & summary of findings
* Results for subgroups
* Survey respondents
  --self-reported race/ ethnicity
* More data highlights
* Getting additional stats
* Students' comments
* Results over time

Details on subgroups

* Comparisons, positive social climate scale

Shortcuts to Excel files
* Additional statistics, by subgroup and for entire campus
* Students' comments (e.g., how to make UCB more inclusive)

Shortcuts to Tableau file and Tableau Reader
* Tableau TWBX file with additional statistics, by subgroup and for entire campus(Tableau Reader version 8.1.6)
* Tableau Reader download site

* Background/planning
* Data collection
* Response rates
* Questionnaire
* Scale development

* Survey award recipients

* Request for access to more detailed data including students' comments

* Press release, 6/1/2011